What causes the punch press load noise

 punch press staff will touch the stamping load noise big obstruction, the punch let to you to deal with this problem.

The causes of the load operation noise are the tool and workpiece or stripper plate and the collision between the blank, stamping process of twisting and punching. Which stamping process of the biggest impact of the twist and punching noise.
1, punching shear noise: stamping process differences in the process, a great noise to leave. Sheet metal blanking than complex, deep drawing noise, and imprinting, pressure wave, flanging, bending, drawing and other forming process noise is small.

2, twisting noise: the same type of punching noise and stamping parts of the punching plate thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die spacing and other off because of the whole, noise increases with the increase of these values. Punch at work, the punch and the plate and the stripper plate and the collision of the billet greatly enhanced, with the impact of the speed of the crash also will be raised, the collision noise and subsequent punch manufacturers broke the sound of the material can be measured separately, This measure has been carried out. In a unified punch, punching thick, hard material than the cut-thin, soft material noise. In the case of a thick, ductile sheet, the impact noise and rupture sound are of a normal size.

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