used variable assign ments in ternally, in the main program

used variable assign ments in ternally, in the main pro gram This final example Drilling Machine for Plate busbar bending machine will ad vance ahead an other sig nif i cant step, and de fines the Z-depth as a true Fanuc Custom Macro Macro has been de fined as spe cial a pro gram that con tains com mon but vari able data

In this case, the com mon data is the cal cu la tion of the Z-depth it self Both, the main pro gram and

the macro pro gram will be needed The main pro gram, O0017 will be call macro O8005, con –

CNC H-Beam Drilling

tain ing the depth cal cu la tion Be cause the re sult – the re turned value – cal cu lated in the macro

O8005 has to be trans ferred to the main pro gram, where it is ac tu ally used, some stron ger pro –

gram ming tools will be needed These tools in volve the Com mon Vari ables (rather than just Lo cal

Vari ables), and the ex am cnc equipment ple is com pleted in the next sec tion

Using Common Variables

The basic con cept of com mon vari ables has been al ready introduced Based on a dic tio nary def –

i ni tion, the word ‘com mon’ means ‘shared’ Com mon vari ables in a macro are shared by at least

one other pro gram, and usu ally more than one Com mon vari ables cre ate a shared bond be tween

the main pro gram, subprograms, and all mac ros that are to be con nected by an other pro gram

Vari ables de signed as com mon are used to store pro gram data Within the group of com mon

vari ables, and de pend ing on the type of the stored data, there are two mini-groups One cov ers the

Sys tem Vari ables, the other cov ers the I/O (In put/Out put) In ter face

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 9

Vari ables that are al lowed in the ‘com mon’ group, be long to the vari ables range of #100 to

#149 or, op tion ally, #100 to #199 – this group is called the ‘non-hold ing’ group, and #500 to

#599 or, op


ally, #500 to #999 – this group is called the ‘hold

ing’ group The terms

non-hold ing and hold ing re fer to the abil ity of the con trol sys tem to keep the stored v

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