Three Kinds of Common Maintenance Methods of Three Dimensional Numerical Control Drilling Machine

3-D CNC drilling machine in the use of transport process, will produce some parts of the wear, corrosion, burning, deformation, etc., affecting the accuracy of the equipment, performance and production efficiency, so the regular maintenance of three-dimensional CNC drilling machine becomes particularly important The maintenance of the three – dimensional NC drilling machine can effectively restore the accuracy and performance of the equipment, preserve the quality of the processed products and play the equipment should be effective.
1, preventive maintenance: in order to prevent the three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine performance degradation or reduce the probability of three-dimensional CNC drilling machine failure, according to predetermined program and technical conditions for the maintenance activities.It is from the prevention of “medical” position, according to regular equipment inspection Record or run with the quality of the main products, production efficiency, there are abnormal signs of failure in the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine before the failure to carry out preventive repair to improve the program preventive maintenance of equipment, prevention of the day, by mastering the three- CNC drilling machine wear rules, there are plans to carry out periodic maintenance overhaul, is to maintain the normal operation of three-dimensional CNC drilling machine, play an important guarantee for its function.
Planned preventive maintenance is an important part of equipment management, production, technology, financial planning is an integral part of the correct and realistic pre-repair program, can be unified arrangements for human and material resources to do the preparatory work for the early, shorten Equipment downtime, reduce repair costs, both on-time maintenance equipment, but also a planned rhythm to arrange production, so that production and maintenance of the two errors.
2, fault maintenance: three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine failure or performance reductions taken by non-planned maintenance, also known as after-maintenance, this maintenance is the fault after the occurrence of the remedy.
3, production and maintenance: starting from the economic efficiency of three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine production efficiency of the maintenance method, which according to the degree of impact on the production of equipment to deal with, if you can master the maintenance mode, then it will improve their production efficiency, unimportant equipment Using after-maintenance, the key equipment for preventive maintenance.
In addition to the above several maintenance methods, there are improved maintenance, regular maintenance and no maintenance design, etc., are more practical three-dimensional CNC drilling machine maintenance, friends as a reference to help you better use of three-dimensional CNC drilling machine.

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