Punch manufacturers is how to exclude stamping work in continuous action

 Introduction to the Press Manufacturer for the Continuous Movement of the Pressing Elimination Method. Punch punch punch manufacturers use punching, due to improper operation of the operator or other causes of the process of red all kinds of fault problems, if these failures are not ruled out as soon as possible will lead to a series of unavoidable failures, Thus affecting the normal production of the news, like the treading of continuous movement is a common failure, at work, we look at the IPM mechanical power of continuous movement below the printing press manufacturer is how to eliminate punching failure.

According to IPM Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Technical Engineer Analysis: If there is continuous movement in the stamping process, the punch press manufacturer should first clear the state of the jog, then check the point to find the root cause of this problem.

According to the manufacturer should check the perforated brake parts, punch and see this part of the wear part is too serious, has exceeded the scope of safe production, under normal circumstances, most of the punch brake clearance of 0.5? 1.5 range Mm. If the result is beyond the scope of failure should be likely in this place, and on-site replacement of brake parts.

If this is not the case, then you should consider whether the second fall to protect the short phenomenon, which is a common cause of continuous punch movement.

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