Punch industry in the steady development of the rapid China’s

Punch industry in the steady development of the rapid China’s current development of the punch press industry has achieved some results in the continued steady development. Among them, the level of backward casting machine tool technology is a major bottleneck, only to break through the bottleneck, China’s casting machine tool industry is likely to achieve substantial breakthrough in the steady development of rapid development. At present, China’s construction machinery industry occupies an important position in the global counterparts drilling machine manufacturers, the products have been exported to Europe and the United States and other construction machinery power, is to ‘manufacturing power’ and ‘manufacturing power’ forward. However, compared with the international advanced level, there are still gaps in the overall level of China’s construction machinery, some products in the international mainstream market in the second and third-class product status; China’s construction machinery enterprises and large engineering machinery multinational conglomerates boring machine for sale, Still relatively weak.

In the construction machinery manufacturing power on the journey, the development of the situation will be more severe, the challenges will be greater. We must not stop at Yangsan, stand still, keep a high-spirited spirit, strive to climb, move forward, more efforts to create the future. ‘We should work hard in times of peace, strengthen our sense of hardship, adapt to the situation, grasp the overall situation, continue to explore and create a new path.’ At present, the situation is facing the economic and market globalization, intense competition and the demand for personalized and facilitation, diversification of stakeholders sheet metal hole punch, high-speed technology development, which requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future, fast response. Only in this way can we win a better development.

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