Precision punching punching What are the advantages

Precision punching stamping mainly by mold and punch to complete the pressure processing, then the stamping processing and other processing methods straightening machine, what are the advantages compared to it? , \u0026 Lt; 1, high efficiency Precision punch press processing is to rely on dies and stamping equipment to complete the pressure processing band saw, the general press the number of strokes per minute dozens of times, high-speed press travel up to hundreds of times per minute or even thousands of times, high efficiency, operation Convenient, and easy to automate him and mechanization, is a highly efficient processing methods.

2, good interchangeability Stamping parts of the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by the accuracy of the mold, the die life is generally very long, stamping parts of the quality is very stable Structural Steel Fabrication, interchangeable, with ‘exactly the same’ features. 3, processing a wide range The use of stamping, you can get other processing can not or difficult to manufacture the thin-walled, light weight, complex shape parts, such as large automobile stringer, cover, small clocks to the second hand can be used to punch stamping production.

4, low cost Stamping does not require a large amount of metal to be cut, as it requires less material to be consumed, and generally does not require heating equipment, so it is an economical, economical and low-cost method of machining.

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