Pneumatic punch and the difference between ordinary punch

For ordinary users to understand the punch, it should be clear, ordinary punch the biggest bad place where it is that its safety performance, accidentally can cause a certain loss, then, for this, the benefits of pneumatic punch Of what? From the following aspects to understand the benefits of what the next pneumatic punch. Pneumatic punch, pneumatic brake for the clutch, the main punching power, driven by the motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum. Safety, pneumatic punch than the traditional punch in the above security performance to be higher; precision, pneumatic punch press than the traditional high precision; upper and lower die compared to the traditional punch more convenient.

Speed, pneumatic punch compared to faster; pneumatic punch with a cylinder, you need to use gas, the traditional do not; price, pneumatic punch press than the traditional price to be higher. Ordinary punch, is the use of traditional brakes, common for mechanical key brake, the main punching power axis cnc machine, driven by the motor flywheel drilling machine company, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum copper bar bending machine. Ordinary punch press, also known as press, is a more traditional stamping process of mechanical processing. This machine can achieve savings in product materials and energy, efficiency relative to the pneumatic punch is relatively low. The technical requirements for the operator is not high, so there are some security risks there are risks. Punching machine is the general machinery of the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing and printing work) equipped with feeding mechanism, can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, Protection, occupational injuries can be minimized.

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