Large heavy-duty high-grade punch will be better development

Large heavy-duty high-grade punch will be better development Benefit from the general machine tool demand and export recovery, the performance of ordinary machine tools. Concern is that, although the demand for machine tools in China, the industry for the better, but we believe that the import substitution process of high-end machine tools is a relatively long process, domestic market recognition of machine tools take some time. At the same time, due to the impact of nuclear leaks in Japan, China’s nuclear power plant construction progress may slow down the demand for large forgings or slow down cnc angle punching. 2012 will face challenges and opportunities coexist operating situation. In the field of high-end CNC punch promising. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that the machine tool industry by the impact of greater demand for downstream demand, the downstream industry, annual fixed asset investment, about 60% for the purchase of machine tools hydraulic punching machine. ‘Twelve Five’ machine tool industry during the downstream aerospace industry, automobile, high-speed rail, construction machinery and other industries investment growth, industrial restructuring, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools rising. According to the forecast, by 2020, the ratio of low, medium and high grade CNC machine tools will reach 20:60:20, and the annual demand of medium and high-grade CNC machine tools will be 120,000 sets, which will have a vast market space drilling equipment.

The company is specialized in the production of high-end CNC machine tool manufacturers, with greater room for development. Heavy-duty and high-grade machine tools pioneer and leader in the production of CNC horizontal horizontal lathe horizontal machining center products are unique, widely used in aerospace, heavy machinery, heavy machinery, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical and defense industry And other key national development areas, the future development of space is very broad. Implementation of ‘going out’ strategy is the inevitable choice of the company, with the depth of cooperation within the industry enterprises, the acquisition of foreign, and even foreign enterprises is a very good way. Luo Baihui pointed out that the development of China’s advanced equipment manufacturing industry will eventually have to rely on civilian machine tool industry support, the national machine tool industry will also fully enjoy the machine tool market this huge demand cake. Since the financial crisis, China’s machine tool market demand has undergone some significant changes, the general demand for machine tools decreased significantly, but the heavy and high-grade machine tool demand is relatively stable. Once the confidence of the market recovery, international and domestic market demand for heavy and high-grade machine tools, especially for China’s heavy and high-grade machine tool demand in the next 5 years will continue to maintain growth momentum.

In the punch on the mold should pay attention to what

In the punch on the mold should pay attention to what In the punch on the mold should pay attention to what In the cold stamping process, the material (metal or non-metallic) processed into parts (or semi-finished products) of a special process equipment. Cold stamping die is a cold stamping die. The following describes the installation of the mold on the punch Note: First, the installation should first confirm the sharp edge of the mold, concave die edge does not collapse, the punch is not missing angle. If there is a chink or missing angle, first sharpen the knife. Second, before the mold should be in the upper and lower mold between the pad into a silicon steel sheet to prevent the collision process due to injury blade. Third, in the mold before loading the punch, the use of Whetstone to the underside and the top of the burr worn off, with a cloth to clean up the garbage. If there is burr or rubbish on the upper and lower surfaces of the mold, it will cause the burr tolerance of the die. Fourth, adjust the slide stroke to the appropriate position Compaction on the mold, mold or mold must ensure that the plane on the bottom surface of the slider in close fit, the next pressure plate screw gently pressed.

Then, adjust the slider up to remove the middle silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower mold plate screw welding machine for plate, adjust the slider downward until the punch enters the die 3 ~ 4mm, press the lower mold plate screw. New die punching punch must enter the die 3 ~ 4mm, otherwise, there must be punch die or concave die burst. Fifth, raise the slider to the top dead center position, adjust the punch to stop the screw metal hole punch machine, to the elastic appropriate, and then idle several times to observe the mold and punch the work of the institutions are normal. If there is no exception angle iron drill, you can start production. More related: punch cold stamping die processing of the main processes

Punch industry in the steady development of the rapid China’s

Punch industry in the steady development of the rapid China’s current development of the punch press industry has achieved some results in the continued steady development. Among them, the level of backward casting machine tool technology is a major bottleneck, only to break through the bottleneck, China’s casting machine tool industry is likely to achieve substantial breakthrough in the steady development of rapid development. At present, China’s construction machinery industry occupies an important position in the global counterparts drilling machine manufacturers, the products have been exported to Europe and the United States and other construction machinery power, is to ‘manufacturing power’ and ‘manufacturing power’ forward. However, compared with the international advanced level, there are still gaps in the overall level of China’s construction machinery, some products in the international mainstream market in the second and third-class product status; China’s construction machinery enterprises and large engineering machinery multinational conglomerates boring machine for sale, Still relatively weak.

In the construction machinery manufacturing power on the journey, the development of the situation will be more severe, the challenges will be greater. We must not stop at Yangsan, stand still, keep a high-spirited spirit, strive to climb, move forward, more efforts to create the future. ‘We should work hard in times of peace, strengthen our sense of hardship, adapt to the situation, grasp the overall situation, continue to explore and create a new path.’ At present, the situation is facing the economic and market globalization, intense competition and the demand for personalized and facilitation, diversification of stakeholders sheet metal hole punch, high-speed technology development, which requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future, fast response. Only in this way can we win a better development.

Domestic punches continue to break through the monopoly

At present, China has become the world’s largest machine tool consumer countries and high-speed punch importer of power, and CNC system is an important part of the punch, the cost of machine tool total cost of 30% to 50%. Compared with the developed countries, we are speeding up catch up. Some of the successful development of products even to foreign counterparts with a panic, not only broke their long-term monopoly in the domestic market, but also forcing them to reduce the price of their products. According to industry insiders, in this Taiwan has completely independent intellectual property rights of the major technical equipment to achieve the three major technological breakthroughs: First, the equipment of the super-heavy high-precision spindle box weight, strength and rigidity requirements, to the current The world limit the manufacture of the spindle box; Second, the long bed of the manufacturing process research and precision to the leading domestic level.

The length of the machine bed 45 meters, the guide to achieve any one meter length error of not more than 0.015 mm, any length of 20 meters within the error of not more than 0.16 mm, length of 45 meters within the error of not more than 0.27 mm; Three-channel NC technology and three-axis synchronization technology. China’s CNC enterprises are confident, but also the ability to break the monopoly of foreign companies and technical barriers, with our development of China’s ‘brain’ to equip our country’s equipment, breaking the foreign blockade bandsaw machine. China’s high-speed punch products have been extended to complete sets Beam Sawing Machine. CNC machine tools are the key equipment for water Steel Beam Drilling Machine, fire, nuclear power station equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy and mine and other major equipment manufacturing and heavy weapons manufacturing, China has become one of the few super-heavy machine tool supplier.

quality level of the whole staff CNC punching machines

Nanshan punch, precision punch features, IPM manufacturers Nanshan Punch Equipment – IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the strategic location of the convenient transportation of Shenzhen City busbar bending machine, Guangdong Province. The company headquarters and the production plant layout is reasonable, orderly management, with good sustainable development of the basic conditions. The company insists on the quality policy of ‘quality first, service wholeheartedly’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff CNC punching machines, make sure the quality target and the principle of the products, and ensure the superiority and the superiority of the products in the market competition.

Precision punch is to maximize the characteristics of the crankshaft linkage type, a more simple and more rational structure design, the realization of high precision, high productivity of the punch. Based on the experience of the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism characteristics, with a more simple structure, higher rigidity, this section for lead frame, connectors, terminals and other ultra-precision machining of new crankshaft connecting rod punch. As a result of the symmetrical crankshaft connecting rod mechanism induction machine, to achieve the minimum thermal displacement, the bottom dead center displacement of the smallest and the ideal forming effect, is the most suitable for high-speed precision machining of the punch. IPM manufacturers of precision punch by the majority of users love, more information on precision punch, please contact:

Pneumatic punch and the difference between ordinary punch

For ordinary users to understand the punch, it should be clear, ordinary punch the biggest bad place where it is that its safety performance, accidentally can cause a certain loss, then, for this, the benefits of pneumatic punch Of what? From the following aspects to understand the benefits of what the next pneumatic punch. Pneumatic punch, pneumatic brake for the clutch, the main punching power, driven by the motor flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum. Safety, pneumatic punch than the traditional punch in the above security performance to be higher; precision, pneumatic punch press than the traditional high precision; upper and lower die compared to the traditional punch more convenient.

Speed, pneumatic punch compared to faster; pneumatic punch with a cylinder, you need to use gas, the traditional do not; price, pneumatic punch press than the traditional price to be higher. Ordinary punch, is the use of traditional brakes, common for mechanical key brake, the main punching power axis cnc machine, driven by the motor flywheel drilling machine company, flywheel driven crankshaft, and the resulting momentum copper bar bending machine. Ordinary punch press, also known as press, is a more traditional stamping process of mechanical processing. This machine can achieve savings in product materials and energy, efficiency relative to the pneumatic punch is relatively low. The technical requirements for the operator is not high, so there are some security risks there are risks. Punching machine is the general machinery of the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing and printing work) equipped with feeding mechanism, can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, Protection, occupational injuries can be minimized.

MECHANICAL OPERATION The material is placed in a circular motion

The design principle of the press is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The flywheel drives the flywheel through the clutch to drive the gear Shearing for Flat Bars, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) CNC punching machines, connecting rod and so on to achieve the linear motion of the slider from the main motor to the connecting rod. Movement for the circular motion. The link between the link and the slider need to circular motion and rectilinear motion of the transfer point, which is designed to have two kinds of institutions for a ball type, a pin type (cylindrical); through this mechanism will circle the conversion Into the linear motion of the slider drill machine buy.

The punch presses the material by plastic deformation to obtain the desired shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to fit a set of molds (the upper and lower dies) to place the material therebetween and apply pressure to the machine for deformation processing , The reaction force caused by the force applied to the material absorbed by the press machine body.

How to measure the hardness of punching parts

Precision punch press parts hardness how to detect, stamping parts, including punching, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Stamping materials are mainly hot rolled or cold rolled (cold rolled mainly) of the metal strip materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy Plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate. Hardness testing of metal materials in the stamping process has a very important significance. Stamping industry hardness testing can be divided into the following three parts: 1, the mold hardness testing. 2, stamping parts intermediate products and stamping parts of the hardness testing.

3, raw materials into the plant testing. Are introduced as follows: Stamping material hardness testing Stamping material hardness testing, precision punch its main purpose is to determine the extent of the purchase of the metal sheet annealing is suitable for subsequent processing of the stamping parts, different types of stamping parts processing technology, the need for different hardness levels Of the plate. Hot-rolled steel sheet is usually thick, steel standard is generally specified with a Brinell hardness tester to detect hardness. Rockwell hardness testing of hot-rolled steel plate is also feasible Angle Iron Punching Machine, can be used HRB scale (Rockwell hardness scale selection). Portable Rockwell hardness tester for testing hot-rolled steel, can not be sampled under the conditions of the test steel structural drilling machine, the operation is very simple. A variety of cold-rolled steel for the processing of stamping parts Rockwell hardness tester to measure the hardness, usually with HRB scale, with a harder HRC scale. Sheet material can be used Webster hardness, can also be used surface Rockwell hardness HRN or HRT scale. The hardness of the brass plate used to process the stampings can be measured with the HRB scale of the Rockwell hardness tester. Soft brass and copper plate with HRF scale.

The thinner plate uses the HRT scale. For the stamping parts of the aluminum alloy plate can be used Webster hardness testing, material thickness greater than 13mm can be used when the hardness of Pakistan, pure aluminum or low-hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used in the hardness of Pakistan Drilling Machine for steel structure. Extremely thin plates of various metals used in stamping can be tested in HR30Tm hardness in this way using the HR30T scale of the surface Rockwell hardness tester and with the diamond anvil. The thickness of the test sheet may be less than 0.05 mm. This test method is specified in Annex A of the national standard GB / T230.1-2004. Can also use the surface hardness of HR15T and HR45T Rockwell scale, after testing converted into HR30Tm hardness value.

Precision punching punching What are the advantages

Precision punching stamping mainly by mold and punch to complete the pressure processing, then the stamping processing and other processing methods straightening machine, what are the advantages compared to it? , \u0026 Lt; 1, high efficiency Precision punch press processing is to rely on dies and stamping equipment to complete the pressure processing band saw, the general press the number of strokes per minute dozens of times, high-speed press travel up to hundreds of times per minute or even thousands of times, high efficiency, operation Convenient, and easy to automate him and mechanization, is a highly efficient processing methods.

2, good interchangeability Stamping parts of the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by the accuracy of the mold, the die life is generally very long, stamping parts of the quality is very stable Structural Steel Fabrication, interchangeable, with ‘exactly the same’ features. 3, processing a wide range The use of stamping, you can get other processing can not or difficult to manufacture the thin-walled, light weight, complex shape parts, such as large automobile stringer, cover, small clocks to the second hand can be used to punch stamping production.

4, low cost Stamping does not require a large amount of metal to be cut, as it requires less material to be consumed, and generally does not require heating equipment, so it is an economical, economical and low-cost method of machining.

Gear Punch The phenomenon of asset growth and occupation

Gear Punch The phenomenon of asset growth and occupation.

CNC gear press if the start late, but the development of speed and intensity of the amazing changes. As the industry’s scholars say, China’s CNC polishing press has become the world’s die-hard punch goods. A series of six-axis and four-axis CNC gear hobbing machine, seven-axis five-linkage worm wheel grinding machine, seven-axis six-linkage spiral bevel gear grinder, is mass-produced in recent years with the world Punch development new degree.

Although the domestic punch industry. So the gear of the remarkable achievements and ideas, but foreign manufacturers with the industry, have the following things:
1 there is a big difference between the level of China’s gear punch group compared with foreign countries, commodity prices and Europe and the United States, Japan, the goods, the gap is obvious. In the varieties of relatively complete punch gear, but the lack of a perfect model; server product development better, but the prime minister’s downturn is still firm; and high-end products, spontaneous commodity shortages, CNC punching rate is low.

2, most of China’s gear industry is still a public enterprise enterprises, state-owned format control, mechanisms do not live, the Group’s development speed and stimulate new products slow.

3, China gear precision punch products, ready, who also need in-depth adjustment.

4, the international competition to further intensify the industry, disorderly competition, unfair competition, the face of the purchase of the new situation of the new situation into the industry.

Because foreign goods how to meet the time and imports of Russian domestic users have been punching only 6% market share of the common punch. Punch with the Russian domestic enterprises want to enter the urbanization and national coordination and increase the demand for ordinary punch products of enterprises, supply and foreign countries of the Soviet Union will increase.

While foreign ball punch products now account for only 6% (2006 data) of the domestic market share, Ford Motor Co. and other foreign carmakers with plans to expand its Russian car production in unit area, A share will increase. Some scholars believe that the ordinary Japanese manufacturer of punch presses will be following the Toyota land and Nissan Nissan new family of plants and Russia. As the automakers have finished over-production of Russian overseas, reaching the level of annual output of 200,000 sets, the international co-development of punching machine manufacturers to specify the ball automatically search the market in the Soviet Union.

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