MECHANICAL OPERATION The material is placed in a circular motion

The design principle of the press is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The flywheel drives the flywheel through the clutch to drive the gear Shearing for Flat Bars, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) CNC punching machines, connecting rod and so on to achieve the linear motion of the slider from the main motor to the connecting rod. Movement for the circular motion. The link between the link and the slider need to circular motion and rectilinear motion of the transfer point, which is designed to have two kinds of institutions for a ball type, a pin type (cylindrical); through this mechanism will circle the conversion Into the linear motion of the slider drill machine buy.

The punch presses the material by plastic deformation to obtain the desired shape and precision. Therefore, it is necessary to fit a set of molds (the upper and lower dies) to place the material therebetween and apply pressure to the machine for deformation processing , The reaction force caused by the force applied to the material absorbed by the press machine body.

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