Large heavy-duty high-grade punch will be better development

Large heavy-duty high-grade punch will be better development Benefit from the general machine tool demand and export recovery, the performance of ordinary machine tools. Concern is that, although the demand for machine tools in China, the industry for the better, but we believe that the import substitution process of high-end machine tools is a relatively long process, domestic market recognition of machine tools take some time. At the same time, due to the impact of nuclear leaks in Japan, China’s nuclear power plant construction progress may slow down the demand for large forgings or slow down cnc angle punching. 2012 will face challenges and opportunities coexist operating situation. In the field of high-end CNC punch promising. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that the machine tool industry by the impact of greater demand for downstream demand, the downstream industry, annual fixed asset investment, about 60% for the purchase of machine tools hydraulic punching machine. ‘Twelve Five’ machine tool industry during the downstream aerospace industry, automobile, high-speed rail, construction machinery and other industries investment growth, industrial restructuring, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools rising. According to the forecast, by 2020, the ratio of low, medium and high grade CNC machine tools will reach 20:60:20, and the annual demand of medium and high-grade CNC machine tools will be 120,000 sets, which will have a vast market space drilling equipment.

The company is specialized in the production of high-end CNC machine tool manufacturers, with greater room for development. Heavy-duty and high-grade machine tools pioneer and leader in the production of CNC horizontal horizontal lathe horizontal machining center products are unique, widely used in aerospace, heavy machinery, heavy machinery, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical and defense industry And other key national development areas, the future development of space is very broad. Implementation of ‘going out’ strategy is the inevitable choice of the company, with the depth of cooperation within the industry enterprises, the acquisition of foreign, and even foreign enterprises is a very good way. Luo Baihui pointed out that the development of China’s advanced equipment manufacturing industry will eventually have to rely on civilian machine tool industry support, the national machine tool industry will also fully enjoy the machine tool market this huge demand cake. Since the financial crisis, China’s machine tool market demand has undergone some significant changes, the general demand for machine tools decreased significantly, but the heavy and high-grade machine tool demand is relatively stable. Once the confidence of the market recovery, international and domestic market demand for heavy and high-grade machine tools, especially for China’s heavy and high-grade machine tool demand in the next 5 years will continue to maintain growth momentum.

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