How to improve the punch [IPM precision punch] utilization

t1. Pendulum shear method instead of straight cut to improve material utilization Punch common direct cut, if the part of the blank size is the shape of the dotted line in the figure, then the dotted line and the line between the material is redundant. The right side of the pendulum shear method, the use of pendulum cut line directly in the broken line position to cut, improve the material utilization. \t2. The Application of Casing Shear size of different plates can be put together angle cutter machine. If the two parts blank size 580mm, 420mm, respectively, roll width of 1200mm, 1000mm coil open-book cut, each producing two parts will produce 40mm drilling machine company, 160mm wide waste. If the two parts in the same amount of bicycles cnc busbar machine, you can use the 1000mm wide coil material, a shear can get two parts, no waste generated. 3. Blanking mold blanking The use of blanking mold or progressive die, you can make full use of more than expected, improve production efficiency and material utilization. 4. Appropriate sharing more than expected For some material specifications, may be used for a variety of parts, usually a material specification is not suitable for each part, there may be more than expected. For more than the remaining material can be used, more than expected shear is necessary, and vice versa is redundant, you can use more than sharing the same way to reduce the shear.

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