Gear Punch The phenomenon of asset growth and occupation

Gear Punch The phenomenon of asset growth and occupation.

CNC gear press if the start late, but the development of speed and intensity of the amazing changes. As the industry’s scholars say, China’s CNC polishing press has become the world’s die-hard punch goods. A series of six-axis and four-axis CNC gear hobbing machine, seven-axis five-linkage worm wheel grinding machine, seven-axis six-linkage spiral bevel gear grinder, is mass-produced in recent years with the world Punch development new degree.

Although the domestic punch industry. So the gear of the remarkable achievements and ideas, but foreign manufacturers with the industry, have the following things:
1 there is a big difference between the level of China’s gear punch group compared with foreign countries, commodity prices and Europe and the United States, Japan, the goods, the gap is obvious. In the varieties of relatively complete punch gear, but the lack of a perfect model; server product development better, but the prime minister’s downturn is still firm; and high-end products, spontaneous commodity shortages, CNC punching rate is low.

2, most of China’s gear industry is still a public enterprise enterprises, state-owned format control, mechanisms do not live, the Group’s development speed and stimulate new products slow.

3, China gear precision punch products, ready, who also need in-depth adjustment.

4, the international competition to further intensify the industry, disorderly competition, unfair competition, the face of the purchase of the new situation of the new situation into the industry.

Because foreign goods how to meet the time and imports of Russian domestic users have been punching only 6% market share of the common punch. Punch with the Russian domestic enterprises want to enter the urbanization and national coordination and increase the demand for ordinary punch products of enterprises, supply and foreign countries of the Soviet Union will increase.

While foreign ball punch products now account for only 6% (2006 data) of the domestic market share, Ford Motor Co. and other foreign carmakers with plans to expand its Russian car production in unit area, A share will increase. Some scholars believe that the ordinary Japanese manufacturer of punch presses will be following the Toyota land and Nissan Nissan new family of plants and Russia. As the automakers have finished over-production of Russian overseas, reaching the level of annual output of 200,000 sets, the international co-development of punching machine manufacturers to specify the ball automatically search the market in the Soviet Union.

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