Domestic punches continue to break through the monopoly

At present, China has become the world’s largest machine tool consumer countries and high-speed punch importer of power, and CNC system is an important part of the punch, the cost of machine tool total cost of 30% to 50%. Compared with the developed countries, we are speeding up catch up. Some of the successful development of products even to foreign counterparts with a panic, not only broke their long-term monopoly in the domestic market, but also forcing them to reduce the price of their products. According to industry insiders, in this Taiwan has completely independent intellectual property rights of the major technical equipment to achieve the three major technological breakthroughs: First, the equipment of the super-heavy high-precision spindle box weight, strength and rigidity requirements, to the current The world limit the manufacture of the spindle box; Second, the long bed of the manufacturing process research and precision to the leading domestic level.

The length of the machine bed 45 meters, the guide to achieve any one meter length error of not more than 0.015 mm, any length of 20 meters within the error of not more than 0.16 mm, length of 45 meters within the error of not more than 0.27 mm; Three-channel NC technology and three-axis synchronization technology. China’s CNC enterprises are confident, but also the ability to break the monopoly of foreign companies and technical barriers, with our development of China’s ‘brain’ to equip our country’s equipment, breaking the foreign blockade bandsaw machine. China’s high-speed punch products have been extended to complete sets Beam Sawing Machine. CNC machine tools are the key equipment for water Steel Beam Drilling Machine, fire, nuclear power station equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy and mine and other major equipment manufacturing and heavy weapons manufacturing, China has become one of the few super-heavy machine tool supplier.

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