Common Problems of Hydraulic Pump Noise and Its Solution

Noise common problems and solutions:

(1) There is air in the pump. The fault is generally installed in a new pump when the emergence of a new pump, you should first add oil to the pump, the pump bearing pipe welding machine, piston and cylinder play a role in lubrication. Approach: pump operation in the open fuel pump fuel port, so that the air pump from the fuel port discharge.

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(2) the fuel tank of the oil level is too low, the oil pump blockage makes the pump suction oil resistance caused by a larger pump into the air or oil high speed drill leakage, the pump inhaled air. Treatment: Add the required oil; cleaning filter, and clear the intake pipe; check and tighten the oil inlet pipe connection screws.

(3) improper installation of the pump and motor, which means the shaft concentricity with the motor shaft is inconsistent, so that the pump bearing radial force by noise. Solution: Check and adjust the concentricity of the pump and the motor.

(4) the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too large, making the pump’s self-absorption busbar shearing machine capacity, the volumetric efficiency decreases. Treatment: Use the appropriate viscosity of the hydraulic oil, if the oil temperature is too low should turn on the heating.

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